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Help with Junk Mail with Bayesian Spam Filtering

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Spam Sieve http://c-command.com

Not only did I get help with my junk mail, I learned a new word.  Bayesian – “a theorem describing how the conditional probability of each of a set of possible causes for a given observed outcome can be computed from knowledge of the probability of each cause and the conditional probability of the outcome of each cause.”  In easy language a statistic genius figured out how to keep Rachael Ray, Dr. Oz, Joe Vitale, Ellen, losing weight, building wood sheds , and all the other junk in the junk mailbox.  I have an empty junk mail box, which seems to be a modern day miracle.

I had so much junk mail and good mail mixing in my junk box.  Overwhelmed and not wanting to take the time to go through it, over 10,000 unread emails were in the junk mailbox.  Found out about Spam Sieve and was given the recommendation to empty my junk mailbox before I download the 30-day free trial.  It took a couple of days and lots of hours sifting through emails.  Found some emails that should have been attended to months and months ago.  Sometimes we don’t recognize a burden until we get rid of it.  A freedom and lightness to checking my emails happened.  Maybe you have this dilemma or maybe you’re so up on your emails you have no need for this.  Just want to share something that I’m so thankful for.  I’m about 2 weeks into my trial and the difference of junk mail is tremendous, so I bought the download for $30.

It takes a little training, then the junk mail is mostly junk and any questionable emails will be in a different color hue.  Easy to scan through the 100-200 nonsense emails that come through daily. I highly recommend the trial and I can’t imagine life without Spam Sieve.  I downloaded from c-command.com.