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Transforming a Personality Driven Life to Soul-infused Personality. Let the Soul Drive!

How to transform?  It starts by surrendering into a wonderful space.  The caterpillar builds a cocoon and then begins the transformation, which is radical.  It liquifies and builds itself into a butterfly.  Both the caterpillar and butterfly are necessary, just as the evolution of a human being in a personality and then soul.

The wonderful space for a human being to surrender in is their own soul.  No one can tell you all about it, it must be experienced by you.  Only you can bring yourself to this place where the Soul gently opens your Heart chakra.  When the energy of the personality allows the Soul to drive the workings of the individual.  In this sweet surrender, life is transformed.  Similar to the butterfly taking shape in the cocoon.

The personality can get exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated and so on.  With the Soul driving the personality the energy picks up, with understanding, and love.  The opposites are dropped – right/wrong, good/bad, accept/reject.  In dropping the rope of opposites, the inclusion of a soul-driven individual begins.  In an individuality that is no longer limited and separated.  The soul transcends time and space.

Like tiny moths coming into the eternal creative flame that we actually are. How healing is that to the Heart? No strain on the Soul to Love.  The recognition of who you were all the time; that patient love waiting to be invoked.  In the awareness of the Soul, and expressing Soul desire through you; it’s all there.

The concept of the caterpillar and the butterfly, came during the “Love is More than One” Meditation.  When a group of Soul-inspired Beings get together, watch out.