Are you Alive or Thinking you Are?


The Soul sits quiet and watches as the mind runs in circles.  One day the mind has trapped you in a body that doesn’t work, a mind that is incessant, or some way you have hit the wall in how you are living.  In the awareness of stopping and looking, the soul slowly eases into your personality.  The more you let your soul live through you, the more magic in each day’s occurrences.  Look for the coincidences, synchronicities, the amazement versus contracting into the personality wanting your life to be different than it is.  From the point of view you are standing, look and see the details, the people who pop into your life, the confirmations that we are part of a creative web of interactions.

We all have magic happen, the difference is whether you notice it or are too busy for such watchful aware living.  Another way of wording it “The fool sleeps as if he were already dead, but the master is awake and he lives forever.  He watches.  He is clear.” – Buddha

Mastering the experience of being in a form – a magical experience  here, now, and forever.

Ordinary Soul 2/5/2015


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